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What’s in a good life?

What’s in a good life?

Welcome to the cross-disciplinary conference at Ansgar University College: What’s in a good life? Perspectives from psychology, philosophy, theology, music and intercultural studies


17 – 18 June 2021


Ansgar University College, Kristiansand, Norway


“What’s in a good life” is an open-ended question that reflects a humanistic approach to research within multiple fields. In this conference, we wish to shed light on the question from the fields of psychology, philosophy, theology, music and health, and intercultural studies. In addition to paper presentations from the individual fields, the conference will facilitate cross-sectional dialogues on the conference topic.


Dr. Arnhild Lauveng (cand.psychol., phd) is a specialist qualified in clinical community psychology. She is a researcher and senior adviser at the National Center for Experience Competence in Skien and Vice President of the Norwegian Psychological Association. Lauveng finished her phd at the University of Oslo in 2017 on ‘the possibility of personal development for adults in treatment and education’. She has published several books on mental health. Her first book, A road back from schizophrenia (I morgen var jeg alltid en løve), has been translated into fifteen languages and is about her own experiences with schizophrenia.

Professor Tia DeNora (Sociology of the Arts, Exeter University) & Professor Gary Ansdell (Music Therapy, Nordoff Robbins) have been collaborating on a longitudinal ethnographic study of mental health and community music, which resulted in a "triptych" of scholarly publications in the Ashgate Music and Change series. They are currently collaborating with researchers at the Grieg Academy, University of Bergen on an ethnography of music in late life and end of life settings. DeNora and Ansdell will do a joint keynote.

Professor John Milbank (University of Nottingham) is a theologian and philosopher. He is a co-founder of the Radical Orthodoxy movement and was previously director of the centre of theology and philosophy at the University of Nottingham. His work crosses disciplinary boundaries, integrating subjects such as systematic theology, social theory, ethics, aesthetics, philosophy, political theory, and political theology

Call for papers

To be announced.

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The conference will take place at Ansgar University College in Kristiansand, Norway. Our beautiful campus is located at Hånes in Kristiansand, not far from Kjevik Airport. We invite you to an evening swim or a morning dip in the sea, only a few minutes by foot from the campus and conference hotel.


Marie Strand Skånland, head of organizing committee and head of research at Ansgar University College: [email protected]

In cooperation with Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Agder